Vote for Lu!

I am deeply honored to be endorsed by Chinese American Political Association (CAPA) PAC, Indian Origin Network of Howard County (IONHoCo), and HoCo Families for Education Improvement (HoCo FEI).

Thank you the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Howard County Branch for the recommendation. I will do my best to provide “an excellent education to all of our children, regardless of their income level, race or zip code.”

I believe serving as a BOE member is about preparing all children for their bright future – improving their academic achievement, physical well-being, as well as social-emotional readiness. As a statistician working for a federal public health agency, I have the experience and skill set to bring change and evidence-based decision making to the BOE and I can provide fresh perspectives as a mother, an educator, a community volunteer, a minority, and a first generation immigrant.