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• Advocate use of fiscal discipline to achieve long term financial stability for HCPSS

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  • Dr. Lu is hosting a series of Zoom webinars to help HCPSS students during the COVID-19 pandemic. 2020-09-03: College Applications During COVID
    2020-09-03: College Applications During COVID Topic: College Applications During COVIDTime: September 18, 2020 08:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)Presenter:  Julia Yang  Suggested Audience: 9-12th Graders and Parents​ Not able to do community service?  Extracurricular activities on holding patterns? Can’t visit college campus?  Exams have been postponed? Concerned about the effect of last spring’s Pass/Fall grading system?  Do not letView More
  • About 09/10/2020 BOE meeting
    I have been extremely busy at work and I finally had time to watch September 10, 2020 BOE meeting. Below are my impressions: 1) I appreciate Dr. Martirano’s patience to read the Superintendent’s report three times due to technical difficulties with audio. 2) Happy Birthday, Ms. Coombs! 3) I am glad that HCPSS is workingView More
  • Happy Teacher’s Day to all the teachers
    Today September 10 is the Teacher’s Day (教师节) in China. I want to thank all the wonderful teachers around the world. This Covid-19 pandemic has made teaching especially challenging, and we really hope that teachers and students can safely return back to classroom soon, especially those students in need. I grew up in a familyView More

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